Florida Bonded Pools
Cleaning & Service

Florida Bonded Pools is a swimming pool company with over 60 years of expertise in the pool industry in Jacksonville Florida. Still at our original location on Beach Boulevard (Since 1957). We are a team of professionals that have a passion for swimming pools in the Jacksonville Florida area. Set apart by our expertise in pool chemistry and maintenance, we take pride in our cleaning and service process.

Florida Bonded Pools is dedicated to a code of ethics; “Believing that honesty and integrity, high ideals, concern for the welfare of the pools we service, and the public we serve are both desirable and necessary.” We offer complete maintenance, service, and monthly cleaning. We will always be available to answer your calls and questions during normal business hours
We have a long history with swimming pools in the Jacksonville area starting in 1957!

Clean Water

When the water in your pool has the correct chemicals, it makes a difference that everyone will notice!

Enjoying the View!

While you enjoy the view, we will keep it looking amazing!

We are commited to continuing to learn and grow and with the changes in new pool products it is important to stay up to date so we can provide not only great service, but great opportunities for our customers to upgrade equipment that allows better ways to enjoy your swimming pool.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

60 years experience



There are 3 main options when choosing how to heat your pool...Heat Pump, Solar, or Gas. All three have moments when they are the correct choice but we can help you to understand which option is the best for your swimming pool and your family!
There are three main ways off introducing chlorine to your swimming pool...Salt Chlorine Generator, Chlorine Tablet Feeder, Floater. All three ways are introducing chlorine but which option is best suited for your enviorment and your family?

Variable Speeds

Green Pools

The days of only have one speed for your pump are long gone, but before you change out your old single speed pump for a high tech variable speed pump there are many factors that need to be thought through to make sure you swimming pool is still safe!
When a pool has been negletcted there are several steps, and a certain order, that need to be taken to make sure your swimming pool and it's euipment are brought back in the proper sequence.