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Swimming Pool and Spa with Stacked Stone

The owners for this property wanted a swimming pool that would not only be functional but accentuate the features of the existing home and appear that the pool and home were built in unison with one another. After careful planning with the homeowner’s we were able to come up with this design that does exactly what they were looking for.  It’s great customers like this that make our jobs so rewarding! The pool deck is a natural cut Travertine, the interior finish is an exposed aggregate called “Cove Blue”, it has (3) LED color changing lights in the pool and (1) in the spa, it also has an automated control system so the owners can turn the spa, or pool lights on from inside the home. That way they can set the spa temperature to increase by the time they are finished with dinner or a movie, walk out enjoy some relaxing spa time, and go back inside and turn the spa off all without having to walk across the grass and dirt to get to the pools equipment. To find the best pool builders in Jacksonville Florida it is our opinion you need to check with the Better Business Bureau and locate a swimming pool company that has an A+ rating and has stood the test of time.

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